The coast of legends

The coast of legends, wild coast of North Finistère, extends on 34 kilometers, from Plouescat to Brest, in the heart of the country Pagan.


The road passes through small villages, authentic, unspoiled mass tourism, whose houses are grouped around the Church, and where you can enjoy buckwheat cakes and local charcuterie.


The Pagan country is famous for its wreck robbers, wreckers, who exercised the "right of sinking" to appropriate the cargoes of ships stranded on the reefs.


The coast is indeed wild, dangerous for the navigators, because of the tormented reefs that constitute it.


A guard post was installed on the coast, in Meneham en Kerlouan, set in the middle of huge rocks, to guard the castaways.


The lighthouse of Pontusval was created in 1869 to signal to the sailors the entrance to Brignogan Bay.


The coast of legends is also the land of the abers. The Aber Wrac'h, the aber Ildut and the Benedict aber ..


An aber is a narrow valley, formed by the bed of a river, where the sea rushes at high tide for several kilometers. The shoreline of abers is a paradise for walkers and hikers.


The coast is beaten by the winds, with impressive lunar massifs and chaotic rocks. We can see off the lighthouse of the Virgin Island, the highest lighthouse in the world and in Europe, it measures 82m50.



The Virgin Island would have been a druidic sanctuary, before being occupied by the convent founded by the Cordeliers brothers and dedicated to the Virgin.

The coast of legends will transport you to a rough world where the imagination can escape.


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